BioDetectors Conference 2016

The following presentations from the BioDetectors conference 2016 are now available:

1. Introduction BioDetectors 2016

– A. Brouwer

2. Current acceptance of in vitro toxicology tools and future prospects

– C. Eskes

3. Toxicity profiling and effect-based safety assessment

– B. v.d. Burg

4. Endocrine active substances in toys

– C. Kirchnawy

5. DR-CALUX Remediation worker monitoring in Switzerland

– L. Dubugnon

6. Occupational health & consumer products CALUX applications

– V. Perret

7. Transcriptomic gender differences in newborns

– K.Hochstenbach

8. Human monitoring in Tanzania

– B. Müller

9. Regulatory acceptance & AOPs

– R. FitzGerald

10. Toxicity profiles of heterocyclic aromatic amines

– B. Seeger / P. Steinberg

11. Latest developments in bioassays combined with planar chromatography

– G. Morlock

12. Current status and recent research for the official approval and use of the dioxin bioassays in Japan

– G. Suzuki

13. The use of bioassays for process optimalization of waste water treatment plants

–  A. Simon

14. New developments in estrogen and EDC monitoring and regulatory options for surface and waste water quality management

– R. Kase

15. DEMEAU project highlights

– E. Simon

16. Waste water treatment and bioassays

– P. Välitalo

17. Global Tour by CALUX – The last 365 days

– P. Behnisch

18. Direct bioautography directly combined with mass spectrometry

– G. Morlock

19. HPTLC: Faster, cheaper and more reliable, is also the best solution for biodetection

– P. Bernard-Savary

20. Comprehensive safety screening of substances in European waste and surface waterbodies using a large panel of 25 CALUX bioassays


21. Validation and regulatory acceptance of bio-based (CALUX) analysis of endocrine disruptors


22. Application of the PPARy2 –CALUX assay to the biological detection of endocrine active chemicals

– K. Fussell

23. Is there an added value to the incorporation of a metabolizing system in biodetection assays for endocrine active substances?

– J. Mollergues

24. Degradation of halogenated xenobiotics by laccase-producing fungi isolated from Vietnam forests


25. The development of a panel of bacterial reporter strains for the detection of antimicrobial compounds at sub-inhibitory levels


26. Development of a simple system for on-site detection of hydrogen peroxide

– J. Sauvain

27. Evaluation of toxic activities of selected nitrogen-containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PANH compared with their PAH analogues using in vitro cell-based bioassays

– Nestlé

28. Bio-indicators monitoring of tertiary treatment performance for the removal of micro-pollutants from urban wastewater

– G. Lemkine

29. Application of different reporter-gene assays for the determination of estrogen and androgen active substances of ozone treated hospital wastewater

– L. Gehrmann