Effect-based bioanalysis

BDS has generated a panel of CALUX® cell lines that respond to chemically-induced alterations of key cellular pathways (see Product section for details). Exposure of the respective cells to the chemicals class of interest results in the production of luciferase and the emission of light. This signal predicts the type and magnitude of the biological effect that can be expected from exposure to the chemical or chemical mixture. We employ these methods in the discovery of compounds and compound mixtures with beneficial health effects, like functional foods, and drug candidates. When, however, these pathways are overstimulated or repressed, effects of chemicals may become adverse, which forms the basis of our effect-based safety assessment. CALUX assays are used to quantitatively assess hazard profiles of chemicals and complex mixtures. In addition, assays have been developed for targeted analysis of groups of chemicals addressing the same biological effect, such as dioxins and PFASs.  Analyses carried out in our service department are strictly confidential and are performed under ISO17025 and GMP+ certified conditions. BDS offers its technologies and services world-wide through a network of laboratories and agents.

Benefits of BDS’ CALUX® technology for safety- and bio-activity assessment

  • High throughput panel covering major health effects
  • Sensitive and specific
  • Easy sample clean-up / work-up
  • Applicable to a wide variety of matrices and many applications
  • Accepted in international legislation and guidelines, e.g., EU, OECD, ISO
  • Offered under ISO17025/GMP+ certified conditions
  • Complementary assays and analysis to match your application
  • Short turn-around time
  • Cost-effective
  • Professional services, backup, and consultancy
  • Global sales and support network