Biological effect profiling

BDS offers an extensive panel of CALUX® reporter assays that allow for identification of more than 30 distinct biological effects that can be evoked by a wide range of compound classes and mixtures. These effects are related to adverse health effects such as endocrine disruption, acute stress, genotoxicity, carcinogenicity, obesity, xenobiotic metabolism and reproductive toxicity. In addition, assays can also be used to identify compounds that have beneficial health effects e.g. through prevention of activation of the adverse effect pathways.

The majority of effects of chemical compounds on the human body take place or have an onset at the molecular level. BDS has developed a wide range of assays that measure the effect of chemicals or chemical mixtures in modulating such critical cellular pathways.

Effect profiling with the CALUX® panel can be applied for, among others, product safety assessment, chemical safety assessment and environmental hazard identification. All CALUX® assays that are currently available are presented here. Due to the standardized setup of our panel and the use of our high-throughput facilities most effect-profiles can be performed in a cost-efficient manner.

Important benefits of biological effect profiling using CALUX® assays are:

  • CALUX®assays provide specific, mechanistic and (semi-)quantitative insight in adverse effects
  • CALUX®assays are cost-effective, rapid and can be performed in high-throughput setting
  • CALUX®assays may be used to reduce or replace animal tests

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