Who we are

To protect our health and the environment by offering and applying innovative, sensitive, and efficient in vitro test methods – that is what BioDetection Systems stands for.

To this end, we develop tests that quantify biological effects of the chemical compounds and mixtures we are confronted with in our everyday life. In combination with complementary technologies, our CALUX® bioassays enable a wide range of applications, such as compliance testing, safety assessments, and identification of novel beneficial food items and nutraceuticals.

With our trained and experienced staff and our well-equipped laboratories, we can be your preferred service provider, technology supplier, research partner and your consultant.

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Latest News

augustus 17, 2022

13th BioDetectors conference 2022

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augustus 1, 2022

BDS and SAFFI project colleagues publish a novel integrated approach to assure infant food safety.

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mei 4, 2022

Bioassay Science and Policy Forum 2022 with the topic BLUE WATER

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Mission & ambitions

To develop and provide innovative bioassays and implement their
use to the highest international standards as analytical tools for safety
and quality assessment of food, environment, consumer products and chemicals.