About BDS

BioDetection Systems b.v. (BDS) is a Dutch company providing bio-based screening technologies for safety, quality and bioactivity assessment. These services are available through our own laboratories, but may also be performed under license. In addition, our knowledge, assays and facilities are available to others by means of contract research or as a project partner.

Our company is highly experienced in the sensitive detection of key organic pollutants such as dioxin(-like) compounds, PCBs, PAHs and other persistent organic pollutants (POPs). Moreover, we are equipped to detect an extensive set of biological activities in various types of samples ranging from e.g. environmental to clinical samples and from pure compounds to extremely complex mixtures.  Our assays provide meaningful information related to a.o. xenobiotic metabolism, endocrine disruption, genotoxicity, and acute toxicity.

Lead by Professor Abraham Brouwer, a recognized expert in these fields, BDS has evolved into a knowledge intensive company in the field of safety and hazard assessments as well biological functionality screenings.