About BDS

BioDetection Systems (BDS) is specialized in developing and applying mechanism-based, ultrasensitive, biological monitoring to protect human health and the environment. As such BDS offers a range of unique products, including an extensive panel of high-throughput- CALUX® reporter assays and complementary technologies. BDS’ innovative technologies can be used to rapidly evaluate major types of toxicity relevant for regulatory risk assessment, allowing assurance of consumer safety and -confidence. Quantitative measurements allow assessment of points-of -departure in chemical risk assessment, replacing animal experimentation.  Specific work-up methods coupled to quantitative bioanalysis allow precise mixture effect assessment of specific chemical classes, like dioxin and PFAS measurements. Methods have been extensively and independently validated and are included in relevant international guidelines. Since our assays target key pathways in cells and human physiology, we can also use them in the discovery of compounds and compound mixtures with beneficial health effects.

BDS provides these services through its own service laboratory, and under license by laboratories across the globe.