BioDetectors Conference 2014

The following presentations from the BioDetectors conference 2014 are now available:

Introduction BioDetectors 2014

– A. Brouwer

Dioxin Feed-Food Crisis Overview

– P. Behnisch

Feed-Food testing for Dioxins in Kuwait

– A.Hussain

Dioxins in a harbour city in Netherlands

– A. Arkenbout

Bioassays to prioritize chemical food safety issues

– M. Marin-Kuan

Veterinary drugs: GR CALUX & illegal treatment

– D. Pitardi

EDCs & Plastic baby bottles

– C. Simon

Land of Fire

– Nigris

CALUX Highlights 2014

– P. Behnisch

EDCs/Genotoxicity in WWTPs

– E. Dopp

Environmental health & EDCS

– N. Schlotz

Occupational Health & Dioxins-PCBs

– V. Perret

Dioxins in Piedmont region

–  F. Martucci

Bioassays and wastewater quality

– C. Kienle

EDCs Alternatives & Bioassays

– S. Lorenzetti

Action of TCDD and PCNS on AHR

– J. Falandysz

PCNs as Cancer Risk Factors

– J. Falandysz

Surface waterystems

– MK. van Hoorn

Genotoxicity tests for water

– H. Bielak