Water quality

Being one of the key necessities of life, water should be submitted to a thorough quality control. Targeted chemical analysis of priority compounds can give an impression of the chemical quality, but may not cover the entire load of pollutants that evoke biological effects. CALUX® assays are successfully applied in the identification of water samples that are polluted with biologically active toxicants even at low levels and address the complexity associated with the compound mixtures.

Current water quality monitoring practices mainly rely on targeted chemical analysis of selected set of compounds (e.g. priority compounds). This compound-oriented approach, however, does not cover the entire load of pollution and may overlook the presence of biologically active chemicals. Effect-oriented testing approaches can overcome this limitation by measuring the effect of the total mixture of compounds that are present in a sample. The CALUX® assay panel is particularly suitable for this purpose since it detects a number of key effects in relation to water quality.

BDS provides routine services and participates various national and international projects in order to further implement:

  • a minimal panel of CALUX®assays from a broad range of available assays that are relevant for cost-effective comprehensive toxicity screening of drinking-, surface-, ground- and wastewaters
  • an automated sample workup coupled to an automated, high-throughput in vitro screening
  • bioassay-based toxicity screening in current legislation

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