Bio-based & circular economy applications

With shrinking resources of fossil fuels for production of energy and chemicals alternatives are needed, one of which is the use of biomass. The use of biomass provides interesting options to generate a circular economy in which waste is non-existent since it is reused, following a cradle-to-cradle principle. Future biorefineries can be used to optimally use biomass in value chains with various food- and non-food products. BDS designs methods to identify novel high value biobased specialty products, while assuring safety. Safe disposal of end-of-life products and residues, allowing agricultural or other applications is essential to allow closure of the circular process.  In addition, Green Chemistry principles need to be rigorously included already in the design of new chemicals and processes. BDS provides bio-based solutions to identify new bioactivities, and to assure safety and quality control to meet market requirements.