Complex mixtures

Biological effects by mixtures are typically hard to predict from chemical analytical data on the individual constituents (which usually only cover part of the compounds actually present). This can be circumvented by direct measurement of sum-effects from the bioactive components in the mixture using CALUX® reporter assays.

While most compounds are only tested (if at all) for their health effects in their pure form, we are mostly exposed to complex mixtures of compounds. Predicting health effects of mixtures is typically complicated for the interactions that may occur, as well as the lack of information on individual components.

Effect-based measurements using CALUX® assays offer two important features for providing information on the effects of mixtures:

  • CALUX®assays focus on effects instead of compounds. This avoids bias towards targeted compounds.
  • CALUX®assays directly measure the combined effects by the total mixture that is analysed. Results are therefore independent of prior toxicological knowledge on the individual constituents of a mixture and their mutual effects.

If desired, a combination of chemical analytical and biology-based techniques can be used to identify whether observed effects can be attributed to specific compounds or fractions.

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